If you are an entrepreneur with a career in the creative industry, you may require more space at home to spread out the materials or equipment that you use for your creative business. Packing away creative projects every day is impractical and uninspiring, but an expensive renovation is not in the budget.

Use these ideas for establishing your creative space in robust NZ steel sheds at a snip of the price of a renovation, and use the huge savings for some cool new creative equipment!

Dedicated To Creativity

Ask any artist, and they will tell you it is critical for your productivity to have a space dedicated to your creativity. It sets you up mentally for creativity and you don’t have to worry that it is making your home untidy. When you walk away at the end of the day, the change of zones has a profound impact on your psychological rejuvenation. Anybody who has now chosen a work-from-home arrangement should also invest in a shed or they will soon tire (mentally) with the interior that they work and live in 24/7.

The Sky Is The Limit

A steel shed in your garden gives you a perfect location to follow many creative pursuits. Whether it’s a pottery studio, graphic design office and/or painting studio, you can arrange what suits you. Our Garden Master Sheds can come with skylights for extra lighting, wide sliding doors and almost any customisation you want. Higher ceilings? It would be our pleasure. More windows? Of course.

So whether you’re making leather costumes for a feature film or running your weekly knitting and crochet lessons with students, you can have working tables, cupboards, lots of natural light and more!

Have Fun

Plan the look and feel of the interior to show your personality or if it is a business destination, then reflect the brand personality of the business. Combine freestanding storage with built-in storage, shelving and clever storage like ottomans with concealed storage.

Light Up Your Creativity

Correct lighting is important for colours to ‘read’ correctly and to stop eye strain. Nothing beats natural lighting, so plan the position of your steel shed before it arrives. Watch the sun’s movements during the day and take note of any shadows from other structures.

Skylights, sliding doors, extra windows and electric light for night-time work will all be essential. Set up internal plug points for desk lamps, printers, etc. ‒ and a coffee machine!

Keep It Cosy And Cool

Adding insulation to the steel shed will give you many more months of comfortable use from this fabulous addition to your home. Insulate the roof (hot air rises) and walls to keep your shed cosy or cool. Adding items like rugs also warm up the space considerably.

Is it time to invest in steel sheds in NZ? Bring your imagination and let us make the perfect, customised steel shed for your imagination to run wild in!