Professional, Nationwide Garden Shed Assemblers

All of our products come in kitset form for ease of transportation. While people normally find our sheds easy to assemble, perhaps you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself. Fortunately there are specialist assemblers throughout NZ than can help.

The standard assembly price will include building your garden shed on a clear, level site. Installing accessories or additional work will incur some small additional charge. Some areas in New Zealand will incur a small travel fee, but the installer will be able to advise you of that.

The assemblers we recommend are very familiar with all of the types and models we sell. We recommend that you directly contact your chosen installer (rather than us getting involved) as they will need to co-ordinate their availability along with the arrival or your shed, and working it in with your schedule.

Garden Shed Installation Requirements

The site that your shed will be built on needs to be clear and level to achieve the best end result – a solid base is essential. If the area the shed is going in isn’t clear and level it can make installation difficult, doors may not hang correctly, etc. If the site isn’t clear and level, extra work (and therefore cost) may be necessary.

  • Shed installations are dependent on good weather.
  • The area needs to be cleared of rubbish, rocks, tree roots and other items likely to impede assembly.
  • The area should be without slope and with no significant variances in the surface level.
  • 500mm is required on all sides of the shed to allow for easy assembly. If one or two sides are against a fence or building wall that is usually ok but it may slow the installer down.
  • The installer will advise you upon arrival if they foresee any potential issues.

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