As a homeowner, having practical spaces and storage solutions is everything to you, no doubt. Garden sheds do just this, providing you with a workout area, a hobby room, or a secure place to organise and store your belongings.

But the costs of erecting these types of structures can leave you flustered, especially if you are on budget. However, there is a way around this with our range of shed kitsets in NZ, exclusive to Kiwi Garden Sheds.

Below are a few of the ways you can save with our kitset range without cheaping out.

Say Goodbye to Contractor Fees

Kitset sheds are so popular because they remove the middleman—in this case, contractors. While these professionals bring a wealth of experience and skill to every job site, they do cost a pretty penny. But with our products, you can avoid the need for additional labour.

Cut Back on Transportation Costs

Building your own shed or employing a reliable provider to do it for you requires more than just the upfront costs of labour or materials. Most of us forget to include transportation costs in our budgets. Hauling over timber or steel can be expensive if you are doing it on your own.

Kitset sheds come all-in-one, meaning all the necessary materials are tightly packed and secured, ready for delivery.

Avoid Customisation Costs

Kitset sheds are made in bulk, following a standard design for optimal use and storage. This means there are no design elements you need to take charge of, which can reduce your expenses drastically. Custom work is more expensive, with materials cut to order. Whereas, the process of manufacturing kitset products is lower because of the same design used every time.

The labour expenses of building your shed from scratch or using contractors can be expensive. Costs quickly rack up with labour, delivery, and materials. Not to mention time wastage and the inconvenience of having to wait on a reliable service provider to get the job done. Creating space on your property does not need to be a costly affair with Kiwi Garden Sheds. Our expert team, high-quality manufacturing, and industry-grade materials mean that we can stay on budget with our low prices.

Ready to start your shed project? Order your shed kitset in NZ, from our wide range and save on your time and money today!