Until you buy sheds in NZ, you do not know how much value they bring to your life. Versatile, adaptable and durable, if QwikBuild timber sheds in NZ are well maintained and aesthetically integrated into your garden and home, you will reap benefits for decades to come. Here are four fun ideas to spruce up your brilliant shed!

Get Creative With Your QwikBuild Timber Sheds In NZ

Put a little time aside to look for inspiration for your shed and you will find it can be a multipurpose space or an adaptable space that you can change for different needs:

  • Peaceful, tranquillity spot
  • Standard garden storage
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Recording studio
  • Hobby hut
  • Entertainment
  • Playroom
  • …and anything you set your mind to!

You can customise your ‘blank canvas’ shed with paint, robust shelving or furniture.

Perfect Paint

Paint is possibly the most transformative design tool. The ingredients in paint will not only upgrade the shed aesthetically but will protect the timber and extend its lifespan.

You can use a primary colour for a pop of colour in your garden or to make it more sculptural. An elegant option would be neutral or natural hues, for example, olive tones, sand and greys. These will help blend the shed in aesthetically and the darker you go, the more the shed recedes into the background.

Stylish Storage

If your trusty shed has a primary purpose of storage, then it pays big dividends if you store everything neatly. Design and install some built-in shelving or freestanding shelving units. Your garden tools storage needs might be minimal and you could get away with storing items in a cupboard and using the rest of the space for work, exercise, hobbies or entertainment.

Use the vertical space as much as possible to free up floor space or counter space.

Light Up Your Life

Lighting can transform any interior or exterior, and with solar-powered LED lamps available, there are wonderful options to choose from that don’t need to be hardwired. String up some outdoor rope lifts or fairy lights. Another ‘light’ orientated idea is to paint your shed a pale colour for an outdoor cinema for summer with a barbie on the go!

Sneaky Pub

The dimensions of sheds in NZ make them an ideal structure to act as a pub. Be your own pub landlord for friends to visit. In addition to the above cinema on the side of the shed, you can have a bar as part of the evening’s entertainment.

Now all you have to do is order your QwikBuild Timber Shed in NZ and plan your fun ideas! Don’t forget to send us some pics!