Living in beautiful New Zealand lets us experience the best weather in each season. And with each change, our garden’s needs change too. Planting in spring, winter-proofing, and pruning a few months later. It’s quite a delicate ecosystem, requiring considerable effort but promising a bountiful harvest.

That said, the gardening calendar can help you plan and prune your garden to perfection. It can help you focus on practical storage solutions for easy, quick access, like a garden storage shed. Having the right tools on hand – including garden storage sheds – and organising them efficiently can help keep your backyard tidy all year.

Simplify your seasonal storage needs with our helpful tips below.

Easy Seed Storing 

As an avid gardener, we have no doubt that you have a budding collection of seeds. You may be waiting for the perfect spot, season, or time to plant them. But as you prepare for your harvest of interesting veggies, fruits, or flowers, organising them into clearly labelled boxes is a good way to store them. This solution is relatively cheap and can help you separate your summer and winter plants effectively.

Preparing Your Seedlings 

The addition of a potting bench to your space can make a difference during the cooler months. Especially when you’d rather get your seedlings started in a warmer environment before transferring them outdoors. Any old desk or bench will do; simply give it a coat of weather-proof paint, and you are good to go.

 Hassle-Free Organising

Any good investment requires maintenance and care. Your newly bought QwickBuild timber garden shed from our premium range is no different. You need to ensure it’s easy to use and accessible.

By adding in simple additions like a pegboard, shelving, and appropriately placed hooks around the space, you are amplifying how much you can store and how well you can work. In hot months, the last thing you want is to walk into a cluttered shed to search for your gardening tools to plant your summer bulbs. Likewise, in winter, you would not want to sift through all your belongings to find netting to protect plants from frost.

Make the most of your space with these easy-to-implement suggestions to help you stay organised no matter the season.

Ready to elevate your gardening this year? Prepare for rain or shine; safeguard your tools and equipment with our expertly crafted garden storage sheds. Find yours today!