As Kiwis, we’re truly blessed to have a climate and landscape that lends itself to beautiful gardens. There’s nothing that brightens up a garden quite like a gorgeous garden shed.

Our team at Kiwi Garden Sheds has put together this quick guide to the best outdoor sheds in NZ, so if you’re looking for the ultimate garden storage unit that’s long-lasting and easy to assemble, pay close attention.

Qwikbuild Timber Garden Sheds 

If you love the earthy tones of a quality wooden shed, Qwikbuild Timber Sheds are ideal for your garden. Any wood that’s used for outdoor purposes needs to be carefully chosen as wood can retain moisture and rot if it’s not treated correctly. These particular outdoor sheds are available in NZ, but due to the size and weight, they require collection from the freight depot.

The good news is that you can easily assemble these outdoor sheds in around 90 minutes with some help from a friend. They’re affordable, smartly designed and engineered to give you many years of service from your garden shed. Order these online from Kiwi Garden Sheds for convenience and lasting quality.

Garden Master Steel Outdoor Sheds 

Garden Master steel sheds are highly recommended if you prefer steel outdoor sheds for your NZ garden. They come in coloured steel sheets, and you can choose from an assortment of garden-friendly colours like grey, light green, cream or white. Garden Master is a trusted brand that will keep your equipment safe and dry, and it’s easily available online through Kiwi Garden Sheds.

Add a skylight, windows or an extra door to these robust outdoor sheds in NZ for a customisable product that the whole family can enjoy. Garden Master sheds are also available in various sizes to suit your garden space. Get yours online by visiting Kiwi Garden Sheds to experience the very best in customer service and professionalism.

Get started today with one of these top choices in outdoor sheds in NZ. Kiwi Garden Sheds is proud to lend a helping hand in making New Zealand’s gardens look much more organised and appealing. Shop our wide collection of locally made garden sheds in steel or wood, specifically made for outdoor garden use.