There are many reasons to look into outdoor storage space. They can be an extension of your home, keep your belongings in pristine condition and help you stay clutter-free indoors. You may find yourself looking at NZ kitset sheds or full-build options for your property, unsure of what is the right fit for your needs.

We can help you make an informed decision with this guide exploring the advantages of purchasing a kitset shed.

Lower Construction Costs 

As the name implies, a kitset shed can be assembled by just yourself. There are no labour costs included, and you can also cut down on project schedules. Each of our kits comes with easy-to-understand instructions and we can assure you that your shed can be built quickly without any contractors. Additionally, kitset sheds follow one design. Customisations add to your overall costs.

If you feel confident in your assembly skills, then this is a viable option for you to consider as there is minimal effort required aside from the occasional lifting of heavier materials.

Quicker Installation

Kitset sheds are not only cheaper because there are no custom designs but also much quicker to install because of this. They are made standard for easy construction with assembly instructions. This can greatly reduce any downtime and can have you erect a shed quckly.

With tailored design sheds, you need to account for additional time because labourers may need to manoeuvre specific cuts and materials according to the plans set out. But with kitset sheds, you can comfortably prepare with no delays.

Guaranteed Quality 

The misconception that full-build sheds are superior to kitset sheds is inaccurate. Both are made from high-quality materials, but the kitset shed is available to you at a fraction of the cost because of the lower construction costs. In comparison, you are getting the same quality as your Galvo Premium Sheds or Garden Master Sheds.

NZ kitset sheds are affordable and practical solutions that offer you valuable benefits suited to your lifestyle and budget with ease. At Kiwi Garden Sheds, we can help you with all your shed queries and concerns. Get in touch with us today for exceptional craftsmanship and reliable service.