As we become more aware of negative footprints, we seek ways to incorporate mindfulness into our daily life. Gardening is an age-old pastime with immense therapeutic benefits.

You may envision pottering about in your Hamilton garden shed and implementing a gardening routine. You don’t need ‘green fingers’ to start, and following some easy guidelines will soon make your visions a reality!

Build A Thriving Eco Garden

Biodiversity is the secret to a magnificent and flourishing garden. Cultivating certain plants, like herbs (e.g. dill, coriander, and rosemary) and flowering shrubs (e.g. Lavender, Daffodils, and Geraniums) will create pockets of safe environments that attract pollinators like bees, birds, butterflies and ladybugs, to your garden. Keep it simple and follow some of these guidelines and you will encourage pollination, minimise pest infiltration, and create a fertile haven for growing vegetables and flowers.

  • Grow native plants, trees, shrubs, or hedges that provide food, nesting and shelter.
  • Introduce a beehive.
  • Build a pond.
  • Allow an area of grass to grow long for harbouring small mammals.
  • Introduce areas of dead wood or leaves.
  • Provide shelter with all-year-round evergreen shrubs.
  • Herbs are an excellent source of pollen and nectar, and they also make a delicious ingredient in the kitchen.
  • Manure and green waste can serve as natural fertilisers, eliminating synthetic fertilisers.
  • Using companion plants is one way of deterring insects, enhancing the taste of both plants or even boosting growth, such as planting carrots and lettuce together.

Eco Ideas For A Garden Shed

No matter what kind of shed you decide upon and its function, the best one will blend with your garden’s natural environment. Give some thought to the enhancement of your space and the impact that it will have on your wildlife:

  • If the shed is well placed, it will diversify ecosystems. Consider the shade it will create and landscape according to the light requirements of your plants.
  • The shed’s structure can provide support, and you may consider a vertical garden wall, a living roof, or a simple trellis for a hanging wall.
  • Adding a bird box or a beehive to your shed’s wall is another way to support wildlife.
  • Choose plants for their flower or fragrant foliage and allow them to grow and conceal your garden shed for a seamless and functional green concealer.

Kiwi Garden Sheds supports sustainability and sources timber from renewable sources. There is a longer preparation time for our Pinehaven sheds, but it is well worth it. Call us and we’ll help you carefully choose your garden sheds in Hamilton.