With so many shed options and qualities, selecting the right one can be pretty challenging. Once you know what to look out for, browsing online will be a breeze. You will be confident of finding the perfect garden sheds in NZ if you ask these five questions. Set yourself on the right track and buy with confidence!

5 Questions To Ask Yourself

1) What is the purpose and duration requirement?

Identifying the purpose of your garden shed will help you determine the type of product you need. A simple storage solution will require a simple structure, whereas a workshop will need better insulation, a hard floor, electricity and lighting. Suppose you want a garden extension to increase aesthetics and home saleability instead of a temporary (temporary) storage solution. In that case, you know you’re in the market for something more durable and hard-wearing.

2) What size do I want my shed to be?

It is essential to consider this. First, you need to plan your storage or workplace to know what size range of shed you need. Secondly, you should determine whether the area where you plan to build your shed can accommodate the size you need. In addition, you should decide if he location allows for future expansion of your shed should the need arise post-installation.

3) Which base will best suit my shed?

Did you know that the type of base you choose has a significant impact on the longevity of your shed?  If the base is too heavy or flimsy, it will degrade prematurely, causing leaks and cracks. Consider a wooden base, but make sure it is solid to withstand the weight. Concrete is often chosen over other materials because of its strength and long life. You can also choose between a recessed or a flat concrete floor.

4) Is the internal framework essential, and which one do I choose? 

Garden sheds in New Zealand must be sturdy and have extra support, especially in areas with temperate weather. The sheds must be able to withstand strong winds and extreme weather. Workshop sheds benefit from an internal framework for attaching tool boards and shelving. Metal sheds benefit from special brackets and tool racks, making hanging tools on their walls easy.

5) What are the best accessories for my shed?

There are a variety of accessories that can benefit your shed and make it a complete and functional space. Shelving, insulation, heating and window shutters, and veranda and deck options are accessories you can consider. Floor clamps and steel hold-down clamps are essential for metal sheds.

Settle On A Reliable Shed Supplier 

You should choose a shed suitable for your needs since it is an extension of your home. Kiwi Garden Sheds will put your mind at ease, answer your questions, and identify the right shed for you. The reviews we receive speak for themselves; our warranties back up our quality products, and our prices are fair and reasonable.

For more help and advice on buying the most suitable garden sheds in NZ, contact us today!