Are you tired of sitting at your computer all day and battling lousy posture, lack of exercise, and feeling just plain depressed from being trapped indoors? There is a link between physical inactivity and mental illness! A lack of exercise is simply hazardous to your health. Gardening and building your kitset wooden shed in New Zealand is an incredible way to move your body and get you outdoors.

Keep reading to see how these activities can transform your brain, physical fitness and health.

Physical Excercise

Gardening is a physical activity that gets you moving, stretching, and squatting. Through digging and walking, you’ll get a good serving of cardio. Digging, pushing a wheelbarrow, and pulling a hose pope in the garden strengthen your arms and core. You will benefit from an excellent yoga session by bending, reaching, and contorting your body while landscaping. The result is an increase in dopamine and serotonin, contributing to the feel-good and relaxed state we all seek.

Mental Workout

There’s a certain amount of research and planning that goes into landscaping. It’s fun to plan on paper, but the anticipation of putting your plans into action is equally motivating. There’s nothing better than visiting nurseries and shed experts to get different perspectives. Preparation and measurements are essential. Here’s a tip when you’re in a rut: weeding can be therapeutic!

Powerful Mood Enhancer

Nothing can be more tactile and organic than handling earth, wood, stones, plants and water. The different textures and smells of nature are unbeatable. Neuroscience research reports that some soil microbes have effects comparable to Prozac. Nonetheless, no science is needed to affirm the joy of a hands-on outdoor cleaning, building and cultivating session!

A Sense Of Accomplishment

Spending time outdoors constructing something unique and flourishing is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Gardens are unique spaces that help us bring nature into our lives and be at peace with ourselves. It is essential to nurture growth, care for plants, create and use a unique space like a garden shed. We let our guard down and are less critical of ourselves. Through problem-solving, whether trying out different composts or working out how to hang the shed door, we learn other skills and gain self-esteem.

Develop a garden and build kitset wooden sheds in NZ for storage to invest in your mental and physical well-being. We offer Quikbuild Timber sheds that are made-to-order and easy to assemble. Shop for yours online today or contact us at Kiwi Garden Sheds for more information.