Making the best use of your garden and property means maximising the space available and adding value. Homeowners can do this in a number of ways, from shopping for steel sheds in NZ to using convenient planter boxes that are easy to move around to even improving walkways around the area.

While you consider your options, you may be interested in what steel sheds have to offer other than improved durability compared to other traditional materials. Below, we take a closer look at the ways you can benefit:

Secure Storage

Garden sheds are great for giving you extra storage, but unfortunately, not all are made with superior security in mind. Steel sheds excel in this way, as they are harder to break into or vandalise compared to timber ones. Steel is much stronger than timber, so it usually deters thieves looking for a way in, like in our Smartstore Shed. You can house your tools, equipment, and even machinery without having to worry about criminals.

Upgraded Garden

Gardens can quickly become unsightly, with tools, toys, and more strewn across the lawn. It can leave you frustrated, even leading you to purposefully avoid spending time outdoors. But when you have a steel shed fitted onto your property, you can enjoy the benefits of a cleaner garden with useful storage to keep things neat and tidy.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike wooden structures, steel requires less maintenance and care. This is an important selling point to consider, especially if you are a busy homeowner. Wood is more susceptible to environmental damage, insect infestations, and waterlogging. Our Galvo Standard Shed is ideal for all your needs because it’s designed and built to withstand external factors because of its anti-rust coating.

Reduced Fire Risk

Wood is unfortunately more prone to fire damage, so timber sheds can be a riskier purchase without the proper safety protocols in place. Steel sheds are less at risk because the metal only becomes compromised at extreme temperatures. This means that your belongings are safe from outside fires, aiding in secure storage.

A steel shed can be the perfect solution for your home today. It offers great value, affordable storage, and incredible added benefits. With Kiwi Garden Sheds, you are guaranteed high-quality products, exceptional workmanship, and reliable service with every purchase.

Interested in what steel sheds in NZ have to offer you? Discover more of our wide, high-quality range here.