With warmer days just a few weeks away, your garden is probably looking for a much-needed boost. Whether you are looking to buy a shed to keep your garden tidy, store extra soil and fertiliser, or help your garden along, we can help.

With the cooler months on their way out, your garden is likely looking for some attention. Planting lush, colourful plants and flowers is one way to usher in Spring. But what other low-cost, easy ways can you revamp your garden this year?

Here are some of our top tips to help your garden bloom this spring:

Start Small, Plan Big

While we would all love to have large, lush green gardens surrounding our homes, this is not always the case, especially if you have not started the groundwork in earlier months. Instead of buying grown plants and working frantically to bring your garden to life, rather spruce up what is already in your space. Simply painting pots, adding our Qwikbuild Timber Shed to your garden, trimming overgrown trees, and tidying up hedges can make a big difference to the aesthetic.

Work With What You Have

Before you head off to your local nursery and buy an exorbitant amount of seedlings to add to your garden, work with what you have. Self-sown seedlings are likely to adapt and grow more quickly than new ones that still need time to adjust to the environment. You’ll spend less this way and have a beautiful garden in just a few weeks.

Go The Eco-Friendly Route

After a harsh winter, your garden is probably dehydrated and in need of some extra nutrients. Skip the chemicals and store-bought compost; you can get better results with eco-friendly solutions. Compost soil, made from your own kitchen scraps, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds, and mowed lawn clippings, is an inexpensive way to encourage new growth.

Organise Your Garden Space

Reviving your garden is also dependent on its current state. Rather than carelessly leaving gardening tools lying around and extra planters and seedlings left out on the patio, making use of a shed is the best way to organise your space. Sheds are ideal for storing all your garden equipment, allowing your garden to look neat with minimal effort.

With spring fast approaching, do not get left behind for another year. Your garden can be the perfect place to enjoy the warmer months with our helpful tips and suggestions.

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