Whatever your shed requirements are, you will want a durable structure at a reasonable price. A shed is usually a once-off investment, and it pays to do your research. Nowadays there are many options available to us. As there are online vendors, you may have your heart set on a shed that can only be imported. Or maybe you have seen kitset sheds in NZ and wondering if the local retailers offer variety and value. Perhaps you’re quite handy at carpentry and rather fancy building your own shed? Whatever your inclination is, you will know that your shed choice needs to meet your requirements, quality standards and budget.

Imported Versus Locally Manufactured Sheds

Ordering imported sheds from NZ businesses might have a certain appeal. However, after taking into consideration the distance factor and the additional costs that go into imported sheds, such as freight, customs duty and levies, you may end up paying far more for a less superior product.

In comparison, NZ shed kitset retailers may use locally manufactured materials or imported components to enhance their products. These imported options would have been passed through rigid testing beforehand for compatibility and our local end-user satisfaction.

Kitsets Versus DIY

Do you still have your heart set on building your dream garden shed but delaying the project because of time constraints? The answer might be to invest in a kitset shed. You’ll still have the opportunity of assembling it yourself. One of the benefits is having all the materials, hardware and instructions delivered directly to you. This will save you time and take the guesswork out of the construction. Your seller will commit to a dispatch date and ensure delivery is made swiftly to your door.

Why Buying Shed Kitsets From Local Retailers Is The Way To Go

You can be assured that the materials, whether locally manufactured or imported, will have been produced to meet stringent regional and national standards. This goes for building materials as well as spares which are held in stock for customer’s convenience.

Most local retailers have the expertise and offer professional teams to help with the planning of your shed. If calculating the size or choosing customisation options is too daunting for you, these guys take all the preliminary planning off your hands.

Should the instructions spin you into a tizz, the after-sales customer support is at your fingertips. A professional team will assist you remotely or physically assemble the shed for you.

And what if you have a problem with your shed or received the incorrect order? Product warranties, returns or money-back policies are transparent and applied nationwide. Spares are readily available on the off-chance that a repair is necessary.

Kiwi Garden Sheds assure quality service and efficiency from the moment you place an order for your NZ kitset sheds to the final structure assembled and enjoyed. We will be happy to supply you with a garden shed of your choice!