Picture this: You’ve purchased your first home and thought the double garage would accommodate your scuba and fishing equipment. What better solution than a small outdoor garden shed? Then the children come along, and instead of going fishing, you’ve become a recreational carpenter. This little building can be transformed into the most amazing workshop, right? As the years progress, your career limits your time at the workbench, and your wife takes up pottery. Can you think of a cosier studio than the one in your shed? See how functionality increases the lifespan of your garden shed?

Spruce Your Shed’s Appeal

Your small shed might be a once-off investment and a wonderful addition to your garden. Therefore, you’ll want it to be both functional and attractive. Here are some ideas on what you can do to accomplish both function and style. You’ll be sure to extend this amazing structure’s appeal for many years to come by following some of these steps.

Functionality Gives you Versatility

  • Size permitting, add double doors. These are great for wheeling out lawn equipment and garden furniture.
  • Run electricity to the shed and install a permanent electrical supply. Install internal and external electrical outlets for electrical tools such as weed cutters and carpentry tools.
  • Add windows for natural lighting and airflow.
  • A ramp is a brilliant idea if you’re storing anything with wheels, such as bicycles and wheelbarrows.
  • Ensure there is a boundary space around your shed in case later you’d like to build attached storage boxes on the outside. Add an enclosure for your cats to enjoy the outdoors safely or even assemble a next-door shed!
  • Security and safety are also important considerations. Doors and windows should have lock features.  A securely fixed fire extinguisher and a first aid kit should be permanent features inside your little garden shed.
  • Insulation and flooring are crucial and highly functional elements. They will maximise the use of your shed all year round.

Aesthetics Adds Zest To Quality Of Life

  • Choose a neutral shade with long-lasting appeal from the shed catalogue’s colour palette, or paint your shed to match your home’s trim for aesthetic appeal.
  • Create a welcoming feeling by constructing a walkway such as grass or outdoor paving and make it level with the entryway.

Functionality coupled with added-value aesthetics transforms your shed’s usage and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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