Regent 3.6 x 1.9m Cedar FJ Shed

Regent 3.6 x 1.9m Cedar FJ Shed


Shown with optional aluminium window and Ironsand steel roof.

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regent dimThe all new longer version of our top selling Logan the “Regent” has liberal work and storage space inside and ample room for a workbench too.

Double doors are available as an option should you wish to store your dirt bikes, bigger items or want better accessibility.

Optional window as shown provides plenty of natural light to work in.

It’s Stable

Western Red Cedar is already well-known for its excellent dimensional stability and endurance, but finger-jointing further improves on this already impressive quality by being even stronger, and removing natural longitudinal variations. What’s more it is completely clear with no knots.

Provides Character

The finger joint cladding provides a unique characteristic with no two sheds looking alike and making your shed a one of a kind, bespoke piece of outdoor art. It is as beautiful as it is functional.

Ideal for Painting

Finger joint cladding material provides a premium, stable ready to paint finish.

steel roof colours

Introducing The Ultimate in Luxurious Storage

Rustic or Contemporary
Your choice of shingle or pre-painted steel roof. Note that the Bristol, Urban, and Dover models are available with steel roofs option only.

No Condensation
Full lined with building paper. Keeps your gear moisture free.

Solid Treated Timber Frame
Makes easy fixing of shelves, workbenches and lining kits.

Lockable Polymer Handle
No rusty pad-boldts or missing padlocks.

High Quality Joinery
Residential grade fixed or opening aluminium windows optional on all models.

Solid Tongue & Groove Cedar Door

PVC weather-strip provides a water tight floor.

Modular Panel Design
Pre-made panels make for quick and easy installation.

Anti Rust Stainless Fixings
Long-lasting. Perfect for coastal locations.

Superior Construction, Making it Last

Modular Assembly System
This system has been distinctive to The Cedar shed for over 30 years and is constructed from pre treated framing, clad with premium Canadian sourced Cedar weatherboards.

Building Paper
Each panel is lined with heavy-duty building paper to create an ultra-dry interior, making it ideal for storing items that are sensitive to moisture.

Stainless Steel Staple
These are used to fasten the Cedar weatherboards to the timber frame creating a structure that will last. Great for coastal areas and other harsh environments.

Robust Flooring Options
While all Cedar Shed purchases come with the option of pine floor boards, some models offer additional flooring options to choose from. The floor kit is pre-cut in the factory and includes treated joists and sturdy pine floor boards, providing a durable and reliable foundation for your shed.

For a quote on a customised shed, please contact us.

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Window and Roof Panel Options

Let some natural light into your Cedar Classic shed with an aluminium window, timber framed window or clear roof panel. It’ll help you see what you’re doing while you’re tinkering away with your next project.

fixed opening

Fixed Or Opening Aluminium Window

Add light and ventilation with fixed or opening aluminium windows. Optional with any Classic Cedar shed. Windows added will be colour matched to the steel roof colour chosen.

fixed timber

Fixed Timber Window

Add some light into your Classic Cedar shed with a fixed timber framed window. Optional with any Classic Cedar shed.

clear roof

Clear Roof Panel

Enhance the lighting in your Classic Cedar shed effortlessly with a Clear Roof Panel. Designed to replace a steel roof sheet, this panel offers an abundance of natural daylight.

Kindly note that clear panels may experience more condensation than steel sheets.


Recommended Flooring Options

To ensure top-notch weather resistance, it’s crucial to install your Classic Cedar shed on a sturdy base. The Cedar Shed Range is designed with bottom weather boards that extend below the bottom plate, effectively covering any gaps to prevent water from seeping in. Take a look at the two options presented below.

timber floor kit

Timber Floor Kit Options

The Cedar Shed Range offers two flooring options that serve as an excellent foundation for your shed. The first option is the treated 70 x 45mm bearers and solid H3 pine rough-sawn floorboards, making it an excellent all-purpose flooring solution for your Classic Cedar shed.

The second option is the timber floor kit, which includes 17mm H3 plywood on sturdy 70 x 45mm treated joints, providing excellent rigidity to your shed however only
available on the Dover and Urban models.

These kits are quick to install and can be relocated with the shed if necessary.

concrete pad options

Concrete Pad Options

Nothing is more versatile than a Classic Cedar shed should you choose to pour a raised concrete base. The bottom cedar weatherboard is designed to overhang the bottom plate and cover the gap between the shed and the concrete pad, stopping water flowing inside the shed and ensuring a weather-tight finish.

Note – Ensure that the base substrate is compacted firmly. We suggest that the slab should be 80mm thick in the middle and 100mm thick around the edges (Fig 2).

The raised slab size should be 15mm smaller than the overall base size of the shed and at least 30mm above the ground line (Fig. 1). See “Concrete Slab” Specs added to each model.

customise your shed

These sheds can be delivered free of charge to any Mainfreight depot in NZ. Towns with depots are:
New Plymouth
Palmerston North


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